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Blythswood Airsoft Championship

On 10 June we are organising the First Blythswood Airsoft Championship  in partnership with War-Zone Paintball & Airsoft to raise funds for Blythswood Romania. By taking part, you will support our Daniel Centre and Basis Projects.

Airsoft is a military simulation game with fair-play and player safety as core values. This sport uses plastic or metal replicas of real-life weaponry and 6mm plastic bb's for ammunition.

Teams should be made up of 5 players.

The donation will be 100 RON for each player and it will cover 600 bb's, the protective equipment and the airsoft replica.

The Championship starts at 10 AM and will last until 3 PM. 

The location is situated HERE, a couple of kilometres outside of Cluj-Napoca.

Please click on the this LINK to register your team, until 06.06.2017. 

After registration, you will be contacted with information regarding the schedule for the Championship and your donation.

Your team's spot in the Championship will be secured after you make the 500 RON donation.

Each team is guaranteed at least 6 matches of up to 30 minutes in total.
Water will be provided by Blythswood Romania.

For further information please contact Vladimir Popa at

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