The Enchanted Park

The event is part of the town's cultural agenda for the International Children’s Day and includes elements of experimental (musical) drama and workshops for children. The event is financially supported by the Town Hall.


"Heartless" and is a sequel to the story last year, “The Crown of King Arthur". The plot seamlessly interweaves caracters and events from fairy tales, stories and movies, like The Fairy ("Cinderella"), Malefica ("Sleeping Beauty"), Queen of Hearts ("Alice in Wonderland"), Ursula ("The Little Mermaid") and The Queen ("Snow White").

The story is told in six acts, the characters moving from one stage to another as required. The stages are close to each other, allowing viewers to watch without following the actors around the park.


There are also six stations or workshops corresponding to each act: (1) „The dungeon of the lost souls” (objects: fingerprints, prisoner’s magshot, temporal tatoos and paper chains; (2) „Gingerbread bar” (objects: decorated gingerbread); (3) „Wonderland” (objects: cups/pottery, Alice’s hairband, bunny ears and the hat of Mad Hatter); (4) „Atlantida”(objects: mermaid tail; karaoke); (5) „Mirrors maze” (objects: mirror frames, stainglass, painting on stones); (6) „Enchanted wood”(objects: decorated pillows, face paiting).

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