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Bonus Pastor Foundation

Bonus Pastor Foundation’s main goal is to support individuals and their families suffering from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictions with the help of Christian spirituality and professional social and psychological assistance.


Bonus Pastor Foundation (Latin for ‘Good Shepherd’ Foundation) is a non-governamental organisation established in Romania, working under the umbrella of the Transylvanian Church District.


Working since 1993 and officially established in 1996 in Cluj, the Foundation works primarily in the regions of Cluj, Târgu Mureș and Odorheiu Secuiesc. With the help of its 14 staff and many volunteers, BPF offers treatment, support and prevention through a wide range of activities: treatment programs, camps, pastoral visitation, counselling, training, public awareness, charity work and local support groups. From April 2005, BPF has offered a long-term therapy program, the only one of its kind for the Hungarian speaking minority in Romania.


Blythswood Care supports the Bonus Pastor Foundation and its activities.

Bonus Pastor
Horvath Levente
Ozd Castle
Ozd Therapy Centre
Ozd Countryside
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