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Account details

Societatea de caritate Blythswood

Filiala Banat 



RO87BTRL03604205I60544XX (EUR)

RO62BTRL03607205I60544XX (GBP)


Banca Transilvania, Jimbolia



If you live abroad or have recently moved to Romania and have artistic or musical skills and would like to volunteer to work short-/long-term with the children in Talita Kum 1 and/or 2, please contact Blythswood Care.


We accept clothes, furniture, food and services. Contact us!

Contract details

For contracting purposes, please use the information bellow:

„Societatea de caritate Blythswood, Filiala Banat,” 132, Ioan Slavici street, 305400 Jimbolia, Timiş County, Romania, registered charity by Decision 116 of 3rd October 2001, issued by the Timiș County Court in case number 465/PJ/17.08.2001, having fiscal code number 14227101 and the IBAN accounts RO15BTRL03601205I60544XX (RON), RO87BTRL03604205I60544XX (EUR) and RO62BTRL03607205I60544XX (GBP) respectively, opened at Banca Transilvania in Jimbolia, licenced as social service provider according to certificate AF 000981, represented by Adrian Popa as executive director...

Thank you for your support!

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