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About Us

Blythswood Romania is a charitable organisation which provides practical and spiritual care to those in need. Our vision is to see peoples’ lives changed for good and we do this through social assistance projects, humanitarian aid distribution and partnering with other NGO’s. Blythswood Romania is part of the international Blythswood Care network. 


Blythswood Care, an organisation formed in Glasgow in 1966, was among the first charities to send humanitarian aid to Romania in the mid 1990’s. However, Blythswood Care founder, Reverend Jackie Ross, first visited Romania in the mid 1980s with his family where he met with Levente Horvath, and other church leaders. This led to a close bond being formed between the UK organisation and the Romanian group and in 1995, Blythswood Romania was founded. 


Hundreds of trucks filled with clothes, food and Christmas shoeboxes travelled from Inverness to Romania over the coming years and while this alleviated the short-term needs of some of the country’s most vulnerable, the organisation wanted to make a more sustainable impact on the communities in which it was working.  


In 2000, Blythswood Romania's flagship project, the Daniel Centre, was opened by Blythswood Care founder, Reverend Jackie Ross. The idea behind the project was to provide a stable living environment for young men who had grown up under state care, in which they could develop and grow in order for them to live an independent life. Since its opening, more than 100 young adults have benefited from the Daniel Centre's services. 


Since the opening of the Daniel Centre, Blythswood Romania has grown to work in communities throughout the country in order to transform lives through Christian care for body and soul. 

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